Sunday, 15 July 2012

Police Motorcycle Boots

I generally don't post search terms that led here, but this one is priceless:

can you jump a fence wearing police motorcycle boots?

Unfortunately, I don't think I've answered that question on this blog. Sorry! But, thinking about it, you'd need either good upper body strength or a fence with really wide links. Motorcycle boots (although I don't know about the police model) wouldn't jam well into chicken wire. However, since the question read 'jump' not 'climb', you should be able to hurdle a low fence easily in police motorcycle boots, assuming you can build up sufficient speed in your run-up.

If you're running from motorcycle police on foot, make sure to pick a fence that's at least head-height - while their boots might not slow them down, motorcycle pants tend to be quite restrictive and hard to climb in.


  1. Most cops around here wear Doc Martens combat boots with special waffle-stomper soles that can grab onto the chain links in fences pretty well, and afterward leave decorative markings on the faces of people whom they've stomped on.

  2. I was hoping you'd chime in, so I could ask what the recommended footwear is for the Pied Cow Motorcycle Club?

  3. There isn't any recommended footwear, although Doc Martens tend to be favored for riding -- particularly among women members with kick-start bikes.

    Flat-soled high-top sneakers like Converse All-Stars are popular for powerlifting workouts at the clubhouse gym, although our champion powerlifters (men and women alike) seem to prefer high top leather, like their Doc Martens or Wolverine workboots.

    It has happened on occasion that a member has taken a gentle remonstration from another member for wearing sneakers while riding. Not only do sneakers compromise rider safety but they also suggest a certain lack of resolve or strength of character.