Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Last Huzzah

Despite sharing mainstream rap's problematic attitude to women, although to a lesser extent than some music videos, this whole thing is pretty incredible. Opinions may differ, but I think the first member of Das Racist (soft-spoken guy with the beard) and EL-P (second-last guy with cap and sunglasses) totally killed it. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Danny Brown - his voice grates on me like nothing else.

Listen to the second-last verse, how EL-P works the numbers 1-16 into his sixteen lines, growing more creative with each. 11 becomes 'I'll vent', 13 shifts into an 'inverted 31' to avoid bad luck, and 14 becomes a mixed drink: '7 and 7'. Repeated feminine endings pack extra syllables onto the line, and he lazily sits just a fraction behind the beat. EL-P is Aesop Rock's producer, and you can see the similarities in flow.

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