Wednesday, 28 March 2012

White Cedar

White Cedar, from the Mountain Goats' new album, which is tentatively called 'Transcendental Youth'.

I'll be reborn someday, someday
If I wait long enough
I don't have to be afraid
I don't want to be afraid

And you can't tell me what my spirit tells me isn't true - can you?

It's an upbeat song - very upbeat, compared to Darnielle's general work - and although it's not as objectively pepped-up as, say, Amy Grant, it somehow feels like a happier song. White Cedar emerges from a context of suffering and is richer for it. Like the ending to the first season of Deadwood!


  1. How much of the album have you heard? Would you recommend it?

    I'm a fan of what I've heard of their/his older stuff, and so I was poised to buy his last album. It didn't grab me, though. It sounded entirely too polished and too sane. I want the old, manic, lo-fi Mountain Goats!

  2. Yeah, Darnielle's a father now (recently, I think) and has been churning out less barn-burners. I really like what I've heard of the new album but I admit it is more piano-driven and 'sane', as you put it. Try youtubing 'Diaz Brothers': it's not as manic as much of his old stuff, but it's the most manic thing I've heard so far.

    There's another post from me on the Mountain Goats coming up soon, too. They're touring Melbourne in about a month, and I have tickets!

  3. The hip hop stuff I'm finding?

  4. Oh no, I meant the Mountain Goats song. Here you go:

  5. Ohhhh! Ha ha, gotcha!

    It's no "Family Happiness" or "Golden Boy," but it's a step in the right direction. :)

  6. He hates performing Golden Boy lol so if you have tickets I wouldn't be expecting that one